Design Experience

Adative has developed products for Industrial, medical, and consumer electronics, and for the outdoor sport & leisure markets.  

We have a user-centric design philosophy that carefully considers the product application, and the user interaction and user experience.

We understand user ergonomics and user semantic requirements, and have demonstrated this for wearable technology products that must be compact and discrete.

We're familiar with environmental design and the engineering challenges of temperature extremes, impact and shock resistance, and water and dust ingress protection.

Design Value

The value of design is the lateral process it brings to planning and strategy and the innovation this facilitates.  

Strategic design can reduce development costs and project lead-times, and ultimately deliver a better product.

Contract Manufacturing

Over the past 10+ years, Adative has engaged with a network of local and off-shore contract manufacturers, including China, Korea and Taiwan.

The fiscal advantages of working with contract manufacturers off-shore are compelling, however this isn't without risk.  New suppliers and vendors need to be audited for expertise and quality.   Language and communication stumbling blocks need to be negotiated and cultural differences must be understood.


Prototyping is used for engineering and marketing validation.  Prototypes can be functional mechanical units and cosmetic sales samples detailed to look like the commercial product.