lynx protective hood
impact absorbing protective cover

ADATIVE was tasked with the design of a safety product for the Queensland police lynx p4 terminal.


The Lynx protective hood needed to be retro-fitted to existing hardware mounted to the center console of Queensland Police vehicles.  It also needed to comply with Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for vehicle modifications, and be easy to use, and provide a low cost solution.


The result was a simple assembly that included a moulded medium density polyurethane shell, with an elastic retaining strap anchored on one side and a magnetic latch on the opposite side.  

The moulded part provided a simple low-cost construction solution with some opportunities for subtle aesthetic grooves and Lynx product family branding.



  • Design concepts
  • Detailed CAD specification
  • BoM costing and specification
  • Supply chain co-ordination
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanical testing and validation


  • Manufactured product 


Different soft good materials and material finishes were explored for feasibility.


The final design was manufactured using a cast self-skinning polyurethane mould.  This material is similar to car dash boards and has medium density impact absorbing properties to meet ADR requirements.  A small threaded washer was insert moulded captive in the part to provide a secure mount for the retaining strap anchor.