recon jet eyewear label
Screen printed ink on clear PVC material

The Recon Jet eyewear label is a certification label required by various safety standards to be visible at the consumer point of purchase.  The Label specifies the Lens filter category number, the type of filter ie. polarized, and suitability for driving.

A thin clear PVC film stock was used to adhere to the Sunglasses Lens via material surface tension.  Removal of the label does not leave any adhesive residue.  


The clear label stock creates the illusion that the label content is printed on the Lens surface without the label profile becoming a dominant visual feature.  The shape of the label matches the profile of the Lens for ease of label registration.  A small red finger tab hangs over the edge of the Lens allowing the consumer to easily remove the label after purchasing the product.  A total of 4 different Lens labels were created for Recon Jet's different Lens options.