Sunglasses are a personal protection device that function to protect your eyes from UV damage, glare and impact from projectiles.  Generally we wear sunglasses during the day to reduce glare and improve vision and reduce eye strain.

But what happens when the ambient light conditions change dramatically; like the transition from bright sunlight into a tunnel or from a tunnel into bright sunlight.   The effect is temporary blindness as our eyes adjust and we either remove or replace our sunglasses with our hands.  This temporary lack of vision and removal of hands from the handlebars or steering wheel actually makes us less safe.  This is ironic for a personal safety device that is designed to make us safer.  

This scenario is exactly where CTRL Eyewear changes the game.  Using an LCD film captured inside the Lens material, the lens can instantaneously change tint.  This can be configured by the wearer to be automatic using an ambient light sensor or manual with the push of a switch under the left arm.  

The big difference between this technology and Photochromic lens technology that has been around for a while is the time to change.  CTRL eyewear takes less than 0.1 seconds to change.  By comparison Photochromic can take between 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

In addition to the safety application this technology represents, it also means no more physical lens changes are required when riding during the day or during low ambient light or at night.  You can start a ride in low light and finish in bright light, or start a ride in bright light and finish in low light all while wearing your Sunglasses with the confidence that they will change tint automatically as required.  

CTRL Eyewear are also working on future feature expansion to change multiple levels of tints and colours all within the same eyewear lens. I think Andy Schleck says it best at the end of this video.