When I first met the founders of Recon in August 2009 they were working from two small rooms in the Computer Science building at the University of British Columbia.  They had about six staff and an idea to integrate a small embedded computer and optical system into an alpine ski goggle.  The concept blew my mind.  I clearly remember sitting down for one of the first meetings and looking at the large test board with wires going everywhere and wondering just how we were going to make it all fit inside a conventional ski goggle.  

It sounds rhetorical, but the challenge of wearable technology is making technology wearable.  The device must be comfortable and discrete - it must enhance and augment the experience without compromising it.  Recon's foundation product had to overcome many challenges not limited to; size, ergonomics, weight distribution, heat transfer, field of view and safety.  After the first product release, we got better at designing a tighter integration with eyewear and the user, and the product became more sophisticated.

Almost 6 years after I joined Recon, the snow platform is in it's fifth generation release, the Recon Jet Smart Eyewear has been launched, and Intel has acquired them.

It's been an incredible journey.  Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard, and to the founders who had the audacity to dream big!