The Copenhagen Wheel converts your existing bicycle into an electric vehicle, with a simple swap of the rear wheel.

While living in Vancouver, I rode my bike to work and I was sometimes passed by this guy riding an electric bike that would whine like a flying fox on a steel cable.  I didn't like being passed by this guy, and the challenge of beating him up a hill using my legs, heart and lungs vs his lithium battery was hard to resist.  But I couldn't beat him.  His electric engine was more powerful than my carbon based one.  

We live in a world that has an increasing environmental conscious and responsibility.  Our cities with growing populations have traffic jams of cars every morning and evening.  And our governments plunder billions of dollars that could be spent elsewhere on road infrastructure bypasses and tunnels.  

The car is an amazing product of engineering that has the ability to take you from door to door at terrific speeds.  But get too many of them on one road and they become frustratingly inefficient.

The concept of the Copenhagen wheel has the ability to attract more people to commute via cycling.  People that probably wouldn't ride a bike otherwise.  This is exciting because more cyclists means less cars, less pollution, less money spent on expanding road infrastructure and generally a healthier society.